Our Services

Legal Costs Consultants

Drafting Bills of Costs on behalf of clients. Our main clientele is our colleagues, Attorneys and Advocates, and the State Attending Taxation, court before the Taxing Master attend to drawing allocutur. We attend to draw the bill of costs in terms of Party and Party and Attorney and client scale.

Family Law

We assist clients in the dark hours of a divorce and we always attempt to finalise the matter swiftly, thereby not exposing the client to unnecessary emotional inconvenience.

Personal Injury Claim

We assist clients with third party claim Road Accident Fund (Road accidents) PRASA matter (train accidents) and Medical Negligence (where there is negligence on the part of the hospital and vicarious liability claims where the state has unlawfully charged you, or assaulted the client, we will assist with legal actions against government departments on vicarious liability claims.

Civil Litigation

We issue and defend summonses and applications on behalf of clients, depending on the relief sought by the clients individual needs.

Criminal Defence And Bail Application

We attend to bail applications and are available 24 hours per day. We will entertain instructions on criminal matters and defend clients on conditions set by our firm.

Conveyacing & Notaries

This are the services that we provide to our clients, we attend to registration of their properties, deed of grant, registration of Bonds Transfer of ownership. Notaries: we assist with registration of Anteneptual contracts, where the newly weds decides to sign this contract it will depend on the merits of their case, where they decide to sign Anteneptual contract with accrual system or without Accrual system.

Civil Litigation

We attend to the corporate and commercial needs of our clients in this category. This includes drafting of revising of agreements, sale Drafting of Legal Contracts, Partnership Agreements Sale of Business shareholder’s agreement Franchise Agreements.